Funny Memes About Sex Top 15

Before I get into funny memes about sex, it is important to note that this is only funny if you believe that that sex can be humorous. If you do not believe that sex can be funny, then you should probably move on to the next so that we do not offend you. We would like to let you know that we will try to keep the pictures pornography free and rated PG-13.

Since the beginning of time, humor and sex have come together to make some pretty […] Continue Reading…


The Cool Dog Meme And More Puptastic Options!

Cool dog memes are just as funny as the cat memes that you see everywhere these days. I guess it really depends on whether you are a cat person. We have found that most people are one or the other, but very rarely do people end up being both.

Just like the cat memes that have been breaking the internet lately, these dog memes are sure to make you smile. They are a mix between cute pictures and a punchline to support it. With so many to choose from, you are sure to find a favorite cool dog meme that […] Continue Reading…


Cool Cat Meme Favorites and Generators

A cool cat meme can come out of nowhere and break the internet in less than an hour. These pictures are shared with friends and family members that also love cats just to be passed along again until they are considered “viral”. Cat memes are some of the most viral photos of our time!

Our generation is filled with liberal cat lovers that sit at their computers all day waiting for these pictures to surface. A good example of this is my good friend Jason who is always waiting for the internet to explode in cat excitement. Jason will be […] Continue Reading…


Livememe Success Kid Is Amazing – 10 Best Success Kid Memes

We have all seen the livememe success kid meme before. It is the picture of a toddler displaying a victorious face while pumping his fist. It works great for any type of meme you want to create that has to do with victory.

The livememe success kid is the perfect option for all sorts of amazing situations, check out our list of 10 best success kid memes:

When you run into your ex while you are out and she is fat. We have all been there, don’t even deny it!      
When you feel like you have accomplished something because you got […] Continue Reading…


The 3 Best Websites For Funny Photo Affects

These days, just sharing a plain old picture on your Facebook account does not get much attention. You are expected to apply funny photo affects to your pictures before you share them with the world.

There are plenty of free websites in the internet that will allow you to apply all sorts of cool photo effects. Whether you are looking to turn into a zombie or find your picture on a wanted poster, you are sure to find a tool that will do what you want. When you are done, most of the tools have an easy way to share […] Continue Reading…


Top 5 Sites You Can Use To Create Wanted Poster Madness

Wanted posters are a great affect for pictures that you are looking to post on the internet. Your friends and family will get a kick out of your picture and wonder what they can do to create wanted poster themselves.

They are meant to replicate the old western posters that police would use to track down criminals.  Their were not camera’s, helicopters, or cell phones to assist the police in finding wanted criminals in the wild west.  The sheriff would posted these wanted posters and hope that the bounty would be enough to get someone to talk!

Depending on what website […] Continue Reading… – Free Online Photo Effects Site

Online photo editing tools are one of Internet’s gifts that most people really enjoy. Enhancing photographs and getting creative with them no longer requires one to shed money. One of the emerging online photo editing tools today is PicElf. is an online photo editing and photo effects tools. It allows any user to upload a photo, select an effect, and export the result back to his or her desktop. With a library of more than 500 photo effects, PicElf serves as a huge repository of creative materials to quickly transform any photo.


Standout Features

We have tried PicElf ourselves and were […] Continue Reading…


FunPhotoBox Creates Funny Gif Animations (Tutorial)

Besides creating funny photo effects and Face in Hole photo effects, FunPhotoBox is able to create funny GIF animations online for free with your photo. Let’s learn how to create funny animated picture with your photo in the below tutorial.

Step1: Go to and select Animations tab.

Step2: Select your favorite GIF animation template.

Step3: Now, upload your photo from disk, webcam or internet URL. Remember that your upload photo size should not exceed 4MB and in jpg, gif or png format only.

Step4: Crop your image by resizing and drag the rectangle box. Once done, click GO button to proceed.

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FunPhotoBox Creates Funny Picture Online

FunPhotoBox is a free online photo editor that can create funny photo effects using your photos. provides many photo effect templates for you to have fun with your photos. FunPhotoBox offers a few popular online services that you don’t want to miss.

1)      Photo Effects

There are more than hundreds professionally designed photo effects can be chosen and you are ready to edit and create your own funny photos online with fun.

2)      Face In Hole

Are you ready to become a super star? FunPhotoBox’s Face in Hole online service will integrate your face smoothly using face detection technology and within seconds, […] Continue Reading…


PhotoFunia Lab Effect: 100 Dollars

Have you ever thought of publishing 100 dollar bill that using your own face? Although it’s just a day dream for most of the people but technically you can create it now using the help with PhotoFunia Lab effect.

Now, get ready to surprise your friends with a 100 dollar bill with your face on it. Follow the simple tutorial as follows:

Step1: Go to PhotoFunia Lab and choose 100 Dollars effect.

Step2: Choose and upload your image. The image should be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format and must not exceed the size of 10MB.

Step3: Drag & select the area of […] Continue Reading…