FunPhotoBox Face Photo Effects [Part 1]

FunPhotoBox uses face detection technology to integrate your face smoothly to its cool Face-In-Hole effects. There are more than 60 face-in-hole templates freely provided by We have tested all face-in-hole effects and would like to share the photo results with you in the posts. Since there are plenty of photo effects, we will divide them into 4 posts which are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Tutorial: Learn how to create funny photo face using Face In Hole effects

Face in Hole Funny Photos Gallery

1)      Tudors (featured by Adele)

Face Photo Effect - Tudors

2)      Tron (featured by Amanda Bynes)

Face Photo Effect - Tron

3)      Racing (featured by Angelica Huston)

Face Photo Effect - Racing

4)      Mission Impossible (featured by Robert Pattinson)

Face Photo Effect - Mission Impossible

5)      Eclipse (featured by Justin Bieber)

Face Photo Effect - Eclipse

6)      Eclipse (featured by Selena Gomez)

Face Photo Effect - Selena Gomez

7)      Troy (featured by Ann Curry)

Face Photo Effect - Troy

8)      Tomb Raider (featured by Blake Lively)

Face Photo Effect - Tomb Raider

9)      Avatar (featured by Katharine Mcphee)

Face Photo Effect - Avatar

10)   Tomb Raider (featured by Elizabeth Mcgovern)

Face Photo Effect - Tomb Raider

11)   Quantum (featured by Elle Macpherson)

Face Photo Effect - Quantum

12)   Party (featured by Zac Efron)

Face Photo Effect - Party

13)   Superman (featured by Ryan Seacrest)

Face Photo Effect - Superman

14)   Soccer (featured by Emma Stone)

Face Photo Effect - Soccer

15)   Red Haired Girl (featured by Matt Damon)

Face Photo Effect - Red Haired Girl

16)   Pirates (featured by Eva Longoria)

Face Photo Effect - Pirates

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