New PhotoFunia Zombie Effect (tutorial)

I noticed that PhotoFunia has a zombie effect which can turn your photo into a scary zombie face. This zombie effect is suitable for use during Halloween occasion to scare your friends or colleagues. Let’s jump to the how-tos:

Step 1: Firstly go to to find its ready-made zombie template. You will see the pop-up text “Please note that this effect might contain imagery of horror, torture or war and might not be suitable for minors. Are you sure that you want to continue?” Click Yes to continue.

Step 2: There are three different zombie effects for you to choose. […] Continue Reading…


PhotoFunia Lab Effects – Engravement, Puzzle, Glass

PhotoFunia Lab has a lot of wonderful photo effects that can turn your normal photo into special photo effects without using any Photo Editing software such as PhotoShop. We had covered the tutorial of Animator Lab Effect in the previous post and this time we’ll cover Engravement, Puzzle and Glass effects.

Step1: Browse to PhotoFunia Lab and select the effect.

Step2: Upload your photo and see the result. You can save and share the photo effect results.

Engravement Lab Effect

Engraving is one of the oldest visual art techniques and is widely used to add a flair of antiquity to images and photos.


Puzzle […] Continue Reading…


FunPhotoBox Tutorial: Create E-Card with your Photo

FunPhotoBox provides more than 50 e-card templates in various categories for you to create wonderful e-card using your own photo. All the e-card templates are professionally made with beautiful frames and different designs.

It’s quite easy to create FunPhotoBox E-card using your photos. Here’s the tutorial:

Step1: Browse to Then click on Cards tab

Step2: Select your favorite card template.

Step3: Upload your photo from Disk, webcam or using Internet URL.

Step4: Crop the image (drag and resize the rectangle). Then click GO button.

Step5: Congratulations! Your e-card is ready now. You can save the e-card into your computer.


FunPhotoBox Face in Hole Photo Effects (Tutorial)

One of the best features provided by is Face In Hole Photo Effects. Face in Hole feature uses advanced face detection technology like PhotoFunia to automatically detect and integrate your face smoothly into the photo template that you choose.

Today, we would like to guide you on how to create funny photo face using Face In Hole effects.

Step1: Browse to and click on Face Effects tab.

Step2: Choose your favorite photo effect.

Step3: Upload your photo from your computer or Internet.

Step4: Place the both eye icons (blue arrows) on the eyes (upload photo). Then click Continue button.

Step5: You can adjust […] Continue Reading…


PhotoFunia : Creates Funny Photos Online with Cool Effects

PhotoFunia is a famous online photo editor that can turn your upload photo into a funny face photo with cool effects. PhotoFunia uses technology to automatically identify your face in the photo and you have wide range of PhotoFunia effects to choose from more than 200+ ready-made templates. In a reality, you might not be a superstar or superhero but your dreams will come true in PhotoFunia as you can integrate your face seamlessly on a billboard, stamps, drawings, frames, magazines and other amazing scenes.

PhotoFunia LAB

PhotoFunia LAB contains a set of useful image manipulating tools which can be applied […] Continue Reading…


FunPhotoBox Face Photo Effects [Part 1]

FunPhotoBox uses face detection technology to integrate your face smoothly to its cool Face-In-Hole effects. There are more than 60 face-in-hole templates freely provided by We have tested all face-in-hole effects and would like to share the photo results with you in the posts. Since there are plenty of photo effects, we will divide them into 4 posts which are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Tutorial: Learn how to create funny photo face using Face In Hole effects

Face in Hole Funny Photos Gallery

1)      Tudors (featured by Adele)

2)      Tron (featured by Amanda Bynes)

3)      Racing (featured […] Continue Reading…


How to Create Funny Photos via FunPhotoBox (Tutorial)

In the previous post, we have introduced FunPhotoBox as a free online photo editor that can easily create funny picture using your photos. Today we are going to guide you how to create funny pictures using

Step1: Go to and select a photo effect from the list of funny photo templates.

Step2: Upload your photo either from your computer, webcam or web address URL.

Step3: FunPhotoBox provides a cropping tool for you to crop your photo. You can drag and resize the image. Once done, click Go button to proceed.

Step4: Done and save your photo into hard disk or share […] Continue Reading…


PhotoFunia Lab Effect – Animator

PhotoFunia Lab has a few animation effects and one of them is called “Animator”. If you would like to create a simple GIF animation for user pictures, you must try on this animation effect. This effect allows you to upload up to 5 photos and select the size of animated pictures such as 100×100, 150×150, 200×200, 300×300 or auto size.

Also, you can decide how long delay in seconds for each of the photo ranging from 0.2 to 2.0 seconds.

Once you have set up the size & delay time above, click Choose File button to upload up to five photos. […] Continue Reading…


How to Create Funny Photos using PhotoFunia (Tutorial)

In the previous post, we have discussed about the features of PhotoFunia which can create funny photos online using cool effects. Today, I’m going to give you a simple tutorial on how to create funny photos with PhotoFunia. You do not need to install any PhotoFunia software or install anything on your PC because it’s a web-based app that available to everyone regardless what operating system you are using. Currently, PhotoFunia has more than 200+ cool photo effects in various categories for you to choose and some of the effects allow you to put custom text or upload more […] Continue Reading…


Deefunia Fun Photo Editor

Deefunia is a great online fun image editor that can create a funny photo, frame, calendar or greeting card using your uploaded photo. The concept of Deefunia is simple and straight forward, user just needs to select a template and then upload a photo from your computer. In a few seconds, you will see the amazing photo result.

Deefunia Category

Deefunia has divided into many categories for better classification. You can choose the following templates based on its genre as follows:

Greeting card
Sign board

Sample of Deefunia Funny Photo Templates

We have tested a few Deefunia funny templates for testing purpose and below are […] Continue Reading…