PhotoFunia : Creates Funny Photos Online with Cool Effects

PhotoFunia is a famous online photo editor that can turn your upload photo into a funny face photo with cool effects. PhotoFunia uses technology to automatically identify your face in the photo and you have wide range of PhotoFunia effects to choose from more than 200+ ready-made templates. In a reality, you might not be a superstar or superhero but your dreams will come true in PhotoFunia as you can integrate your face seamlessly on a billboard, stamps, drawings, frames, magazines and other amazing scenes.


PhotoFunia LAB

PhotoFunia Lab

PhotoFunia LAB contains a set of useful image manipulating tools which can be applied directly to your photos. For example, you can add animation or snow effect to your photo or create your own free calendar with your own photos. The great thing about PhotoFunia is about simplicity, it does not require you to cut or paste photo as all the complex techy thingy will be done automatically by the app. What you need to do is basically to upload your photo (work best with portrait) and see the result.

PhotoFunia Filters

PhotoFunia Filters

PhotoFunia Filters is another creative way to add special touch effects to your photos. For example, you can apply Low Contrast Black and White filter to produce an effect of black and white photo. Currently, there are 10 PhotoFunia filters available to help you make better photos.

PhotoFunia Apps

PhotoFunia Apps

PhotoFunia is also available for download as free application in various mobile platforms such as Windowsphone, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Hp Palm and Symbian. Therefore, you are able to have fun with your photos no matter where you are as long as you have installed the PhotoFunia app in your mobile phones. Click the below links to access & download PhotoFunia apps in different platforms.

PhotoFunia for Windows Phone

PhotoFunia for Android

PhotoFunia for iPhone

PhotoFunia for BlackBerry

PhotoFunia for HP Palm (WebOs)

PhotoFunia for Symbian


PhotoFunia is a powerful online photo editor that will definitely gives you a fun experience in transforming your normal photos with cool photo effects. Photo Funia has been online since 2007 and the site is always filled with new photo effects from time to time. No doubt, using PhotoFunia to create funny photo effect is really easy, fun and just involved a few simple steps which will be discussed in detail in the next post.

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