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Online photo editing tools are one of Internet’s gifts that most people really enjoy. Enhancing photographs and getting creative with them no longer requires one to shed money. One of the emerging online photo editing tools today is PicElf.

PicElf.com is an online photo editing and photo effects tools. It allows any user to upload a photo, select an effect, and export the result back to his or her desktop. With a library of more than 500 photo effects, PicElf serves as a huge repository of creative materials to quickly transform any photo.


Standout Features

We have tried PicElf ourselves and were impressed with the following features:

  • Ease of Use. What makes PicElf special is its extremely easy to navigate interface. With just a few drag and drops, one can easily produce a stunning result. The site also provides straightforward directions which make the editing even easier to do.
  • Wallpaper Size Effect. Most online editing tools offers beautifully designed backdrops, frames, and wallpapers which come in disappointingly low resolution. PicElf is an exception. With its collection of wallpaper size effects, your creation will not have to suffer in quality. Effects with wallpaper size feature are clearly marked with the initials WS.
  • Wide Range of Cover, Effects, and Filter. Unlike similar online apps, PicElf does not limit one’s imagination. With its wide collection of styles and moods, anyone’s creativity will surely come out. Moreover, all covers, effects, and filters are categorized accordingly, making it easy for one to go through all of them.

PicElf Features

All of these features work synergistically, making PicElf a favorable photo editing tool.

Why Try PicElf?

The question really is, why not try PicElf? First of all, it is guaranteed free. You will not be charged a single cent for transforming your ordinary photos into beautiful art. Moreover, it is very easy to use. Therefore, anyone can use it without any formal learning or background on photo editing. You will not spend and you will not sweat!

You can also find some rare photo effects among PicElf’s collection. The magazine cover collection is really interesting. The wide range of themes make PicElf a flexible tool which one can use for editing photos according to various occasions, from Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, to Christmas.

PicElf Photo Effects

PicElf is an excellent choice for people who are trying to come up with greeting cards for their loved ones. Since it is free and easy to use, even first graders can manipulate photos with it. PicElf is a good place for children to develop their creativity.

In conclusion

PicElf.com is definitely worth a try. You can make beautiful results in a couple of minutes or even seconds! You do not need to install it into your computer and you definitely do not have to pay.

With all other online photo editing tool that are present anywhere across the web, PicElf is a rare find in terms of the effects, frames, filters, wallpapers, and covers it provide. Its free service only adds to its excellent editing options.

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