The 3 Best Websites For Funny Photo Affects

These days, just sharing a plain old picture on your Facebook account does not get much attention. You are expected to apply funny photo affects to your pictures before you share them with the world.

There are plenty of free websites in the internet that will allow you to apply all sorts of cool photo effects. Whether you are looking to turn into a zombie or find your picture on a wanted poster, you are sure to find a tool that will do what you want. When you are done, most of the tools have an easy way to share your pictures on your social media sites with a single click!

There are hundreds of these sites all over the internet. We obviously can’t cover them all with a single blog post, but we are going to cover some of the best websites we could find that allow you to create funny photo affects for your pictures. We will use a picture of Vladimir Putin in all of our examples for an extra dose of humor.

check out these funny photo affectsThis website gives unbelievable value to everyone for free. They boast of 600 creative photo frames, affects, and montages to choose from. You can add style, fun, and humor to any picture you want from free.

For sake of time and space, we are not going to cover all of the different options you have on this site. That would take you all day to read and we would have to upgrade our hosting to post it! We have made this list of all the different categories that they offer and a few of our favorites. We are sure that you will have a few that you like.

  • Realistic Photomontage –These photo effects can turn your picture into a large number of photomontages. You can see your photo on a birthday cake, a bottle at sea, in an old book, or drawn into the sand of a beautiful beach.
  • Face Photo Montages – Using these montages will allow you to put your face on a clown, a pirate, golem, or just about any movie star. You become whoever you want with these funny photo affects!
  • Hats and Caps Effects – Have you ever wondered what you would look like in a leprechaun hat? Look no further! You can put a hate of your choice on with these cool affects. We personally love the birthday hat effect.
  • Human-To-Animal Montages – If you ever want to know what you would look like as a cat or a bunny rabbit, this is where you want to go. You can upload your face and turn into anything in the animal kingdom.
  • Magazine Covers – We find some of these different magazine covers hilarious for some reason. We can take out picture from the club and turn it into a playboy magazine cover and that’s awesome. This is one of our favorites out of all of these funny photo affects.
  • Celebrity and Me Photo Montages – Who wouldn’t live to have a picture of Taylor Lautner holding up a fan T-shirt of your face. We are all guys here and just posted this picture online for the fun of it. UPDATE: People love this one!
  • Monster Effects – The monster effects on this site are amazing. You can quickly turn yourself into a zombie, vampire, alien, monster, or the loser of bar fight. They are all a bit animated will make a great impression for Halloween

Fun Photo Box

vlad and hit kitty cat admirerThis site has 8 pages of different picture options for your to chose from. We are not a big fan of the layout and don’t find it very user friendly, but they do have a ton of great options.

FunPhotobox has several funny photo affects that you will have find anywhere else. I’m sure you will find a few options you like if you scroll through their site. Here are a few that caught our eye:

  • Rock Show – You can put your picture up on the jumbotron at a rock show with people cheering for you. You can even add some gif animated fireworks for a great effect if you would like.
  • Cat Person – We all that friend that is a cat person… This effect allows you to add your picture to a frame with a cat staring in awe of its owner.
  • Iron Man – In this photo effect, Robert is getting his makeup put on to cover bruises. Meanwhile, he is ready a newspaper with your face on the front page.
  • Emma Watson – In this one, Emma Watson is going through some papers and finds a picture of you. She is very excited to see your face for some reason!

Photo Face Fun

Vlad the disco dancing machineThis website has hundreds of different funny photo affects for you to use with your face. They are categorized so that you can find what you want easily and you have a lot to choose from.

This particular website seems to focus more on animated photos that anything else but they are all very high quality and well worth the time. Here is a list of a few of our favorites:

  • Saturday Night Fever – This photo affect displays your picture in the background of a disco stage. Meanwhile, a gentlemen in a full white suit is doing disco moves on the stage in from of you.
  • Face In Hole 007 – Use this one to put your face on 007. This is perfect if you have ever wanted to become a top secret spy!
  • Jolies Tattoo – You can turn your face into a tattoo on Angelina Jolie’s arm. We have a friend who is obsessed with her and really got a kick out of this one.
  • Brock Lesnar Tatoo – This is another awesome tattoo picture that makes us laugh. You put your picture as a tattoo on Brock’s chest.
  • Face In Hote Rabbit Costume – This is one of the best funny photo affects on this site. You put your face in a bunny costume like a toddler that someone is trying to make smile.

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